DAY 1:

Our Chauffeur will await you at the airport and will escort you to the Bulgari Hotel in Milan, a five star hotel and icon of exquisite Italian hospitality.

Once you are settled in, you will have the afternoon to explore the many sites of the historic city center, indulge in a shopping spree, or perhaps while away the afternoon people watching in Piazza del Duomo. For those who wish to focus on the automotive experience, the Alfa Romeo Museum is only a few miles from the city center.

That evening we will celebrate the officially start of our Canossa Grand Tour, with a welcome dinner highlighted by the many savory and traditional flavors of Milanese cuisine.

Dinner in Milan

Hotel in Milan

DAY 2:

After a rejuvenating night of rest, we’ll enjoy breakfast and a proper Italian espresso, or two, or three. We will hold a concise drivers briefing with useful information for the road, in an effort to maximize your Grand Tour experience.
From Milan, we will depart for the paradiso della cucina, Parma! The “City of Gastronomy” and the UNESCO-designated “Creative City”, located in the heart of the “Italian Food Valley.” Upon our arrival in Parma, we will continue our culinary celebration of Italy with a lunch of incomparable delight, at the spectacular medieval castle of  Vigoleno.

Following lunch, we will traverse the exhilarating foothills of the northern Apennine mountains, as we continue our journey to our next destination, Modena, birthplace of Enzo Ferrari and the holy epicenter of Aceto Balsamico. Following a full day of impassioned driving, we will be greeted by the welcoming staff at the newly- opened Hotel Rua Frati 48 in Modena center. After settling in, we will gather for smooth and easy cocktail reception, followed by a relaxed dinner of true Modenese culinary passion.

Lunch in Parma

Dinner in Modena

Hotel in Modena

DAY 3:


Stretching for less than 40 miles around Modena, the history of motorsports and the automobile altogether, cannot be told without highlighting this monumental region of automotive genius. Beginning with the Maserati brothers in 1914 and their subsequent rise to greatness in motor sport victories and road-going automotive manufacturing. Then in 1929 came the mononymous legend himself, “Commendatore.”
Enzo Ferrari and his famous Scuderia Ferrari marked the beginning of what has arguably become, the sublime pinnacle of motor sport and road-going automotive perfection. Next in line to leave his mark in the pantheon of Italian automotive greatness was Ferruccio Lamborghini, then followed by Horacio Pagani and his transcendent works of automotive brilliance. Of course, we would be remiss if we did not mention the greatness bestowed upon the two-wheeled world in 1926, by our friends in Bologna, at Ducati motorcycles.

As Enzo Ferrari used to say: “ask a child to draw a car, and certainly he will draw it red”. This is way all these museums are also designed for kids and teens. This day won’t let the kids get bored, but they will have the chance to test their driving abilities on the car simulators based in every museum of this type.

For those who are not interested in the Motor valley, our Tour leaders will organize a very special treasure hunt through the streets of Modena, in order to let them explore the city and find out its hidden gems and tasty secrets!

To compliment our immersion in automotive greatness on this day, we will also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the 12th century Cathedral of Modena and the Torre della Ghirlandina. We will ensure that the thrills, beauty and magnificence of this day will be highlighted accordingly, with a heavenly Michelin-star dinner.

Lunch in Maranello

Dinner in Modena

Hotel in Modena

DAY 4:

We depart the Motor Valley along the legendary roads of the Mille Miglia, through the Appennines, across the Futa and Raticosa Passes on our way to the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence. On our way, we stop for lunch at a small, family run osteria; a truly hidden gem known only to the locals and the well-travelled. Arriving in Florence you will be greeted by the splendor of this magic city built around the Arno River. You should have the afternoon to explore the magical twisting, turning of streets of Florence, where kids will be welcomed by a “gelato” and very special Italian cooking class designed just for them. Dinner with a view, not to be forgotten. Should you have any questions or needs, our Experience Managers will be at your disposal, to custom tailor your day.

Lunch in Mugello

Dinner in Florence

Hotel in Florence

DAY 5:

We’ll depart from Florence and head to an adventure park at a close drive from the city. A piece of pristine nature for adventure-seekers on the hills of Florence, where families can live an adventure in the open air! For those who would also like to have a last glimpse of the Reinassance culture of Florence, we will have the possibility to visit the park of Villa Demidoff, very close by. The rest of the day will be focused on the Chianti region, where you will be consumed by the undulating roads and mesmerized into tranquility by the infinite sequence of vineyards, farms and olive groves. 

We will then head to the medieval village of Volterra, where we will stop for a traditional lunch of regional specialties. Today’s journey ends in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany’s most glamorous town on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Lunch in Volterra

Dinner in Pietrasanta

Hotel in Forte Dei Marmi

DAY 6:

Our day will start with a visit to Pisa and the world’s most famous tower. From here we’ll head to the magnificent walled city of Lucca, founded in 180 BC by the Etruscans. Entering through one of Lucca’s ancient gates, we will explore the city before heading off into the Apuan Alps, where we will traverse the roads that snake through the quarries of the world famous marble of Carrara. Closing off the day, we will return to Forte dei Marmi for dinner by the seaside while the sun sets in the blue water of the Mediterranea Sea.

Lunch in Lucca

Dinner in Forte Dei Marmi

Hotel in Forte Dei Marmi

DAY 7:

We will explore the Tuscan coast and the romantic Gulf of Poets, with a quick stop in the enchanting seaside village of Lerici. The medieval castle will be the place for next adventure: a very special treasure hunt between old legends and real history. We will then reach the Cinque Terre, another remarkable UNESCO paradise, where the mountain vineyards touch the sea. We will break for lunch in the early-13th century Cinque Terre town of Riomaggiore. Following lunch, we will reach Milan via fast and curvy freeway.
We will return to the Bulgari Hotel, where you will have time to relax and to visit the many museums of the city dedicated to both adults and children. We will then meet for the farewell dinner of the Canossa Grand Tour, highlighted by a spectacular view of the Duomo and one final Italian culinary experience.

Lunch in Cinque Terre

Dinner in Milan

Hotel in Milan

DAY 8:

At check-out you will receive your personalized postcard of the Canossa Grand Tour along with your stamped Canossa passport, where you can collect all your Canossa experiences and enjoy benefits granted to Canossa’s familiy members. Welcome to Club Canossa!
Our chauffeur will take you to the airport.
Upon request, you will also have the chance to relieve your memories with a complete photo book of your tour that will be delivered directly to your home!

*Please note that the itinerary may be subject to minor changes without notice.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all Grand Tours until the end of June have been cancelled and participants have been contacted for details.
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Price in USD is per person for a crew of two people sharing a car and double/twin room.
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